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Hotel Qaqortoq's conference center with multimedia, internet and audiovisual equipment, along with the hotel's full range of services, has a 4-star rating. This makes Hotel Qaqortoq the only 4-star hotel and conference center in South Greenland.

The hotel has a large conference venue that can accommodate up to 150 people in rows of seating.

The venue can be divided into 2 smaller spaces, which can accommodate about 75 people seated in rows. These spaces are conveniently located near our reception desk and are easily accessible.

In addition, we also have 3 meeting rooms, in 3 different sizes, which can also be used as group conference rooms. These can accommodate eight to 24 people.

We offer conference packages with and without accommodation options. The hotel has a total of 45 rooms consisting of single rooms, double rooms and apartments.

Conference form for 2023 (only in Danish)

Conference form for 2024 (only in Danish)

Terms and conditions when booking a conference

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